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When you want the best - choose WebCMS

Web CMS World Technologies

Web CMS World Technologies is a best-in-class Content Management company. Our focus is Content Management. Our internal platform offers all the components and navigation needed for a complete CMS implementation.

CMS Solutions

Content Management Solutions where you will have your Branded Community or Portal. This is where most of your content resides

CMS Platform

The platform that is used to research, write, and post your content..You need the tools to provide Premium Content and Web CMS World provides you the platform.

CMS Web Portal

A web portal where company content can be shared on the many social sites worldwide. Social sites will drive traffic to your portal, but your portal is your brand awareness and revenues source.

CMS Architecture

An architecture that handles the many complexities such as Login, Profiles, Categories, Roles and Permissions, Analytics, Polls, Blogs, Announcements and the list goes on.

OUR Innovative Solutions

Web CMS Technologies has the technical expertise to make your idea come to life , make your users eager to visit your site, and gives you the assurance of every navigation opportunity to be used for the benefit of the user or as a source of revenue for your bottom line. We call our vision and mission,the 7 Cs,they are listed below.

Community Brands Solutions

What is a Community? A Community is a group of like-minded people who want to collaborate, share, learn, and network with each other. The Community is the nucleus of the CMS.

Corporate Web Portal Solutions

A Corporate Web Portal is an entry or doorway into a room. The room can be internal to the company, such as billing, research and development, or learning solutions. The portal can be external, specifically designed for your sales, distribution, resellers, wholesalers and technical support departments.

Cloud Management Solutions

Cloud computing is a widely used term that involves large numbers of computers that are connected through the Internet. Hence we call it ‘the cloud’. The market leader in this fast growing segment is Amazon AWS Cloud Solutions, which is Web CMS World’s preferred solution.

CMS Solutions

Content Management Solutions, in today's world, comprises almost 70% of all applications being developed. Content is King and the curation of content - video, articles, anything you need.

Content Solutions

Content design is an important aspect of CMS. Using the best design strategies and expert UI/UX, we will help you map out the best look and feel for your specific requirements. We work with you to keep the design fresh. Keep your site friendly and exciting, your targeted users will keep coming back.

Content E-Learning Solution

We will show you how to get the most out of the content you provide, help you position the content correctly, and even provide the content for you should you need it.

eCommerce Solutions

Some CMS systems also incorporate revenue streams. Web CMS World has global reach to help you identify your revenue streams and securely implement them. Security and privacy is crucial today and Web CMS uses leaders in the field of eCommerce to implement these complicated systems.


We have the best team , let us earn your approval. Our staff is highly trained and ready to meet any requirement or challenge. A qualified, responsive, and motivated team can be the difference between success and failure.


Our teams use the latest in technology. A short but not all-inclusive listing includes

Framework that allows us to implement Content Management specific, open source solutions

Vital code to any web solution, especially Web CMS Content Management Solution

Responsive design , works on any device, small or large

No one likes surprises , we want to be sure the pages interact appropriately and fill the needs of our objectives and requirements.

We are here to help you understand what we do and how we can work together. Get a FREE CONSULTATION and allow the first brainstorming session to be on us! You will quickly see why we are your vendor and outsourcer of choice.

Don't have an idea or vision? That is okay as we have a staff who can help bring your ideas into reality. Have the idea but not the Detailed Documentation? We are here to do that for you. Just need the coding, yes we have a package for that as well. And if you only want your site maintained, we are here to help you with that. You will find that our Service Packages meet most every need and if we do not have a package that meets your need, let us know and we will come up with a customized one. Bottom line: we are here to service our customers, here to keep the stress away from the day-to-day operations, and to provide a CMS site that will win you awards and one for which you can be proud to have your logo displayed.

Why Web CMS?

We at Web CMS World know why you should choose us! We are simply the best at what we do. Remember, we are focused on Content and CMS, so we are able to give you the best solution - all our staff work on Content, Content Management, CMS, and Infrastructure.

One Stop Shop for CMS

Incorporate advanced features and functionality - Our resource teams know and understand the CMS technology, that is all they do, they are laser focused on this technology. We live and breathe anything to do with Content and the Web/cloud-based platform.

Project Quality and Delivery

Web CMS World Technologies never compromises quality, budget and delivery. We are leaders in the CMS development process, providing our off-the-shelf solutions, or customizing our solutions to meet your specific needs. Because our system is so advanced and customizable with open source solutions, no task is too difficult for us.

Cost Effective Solutions

There are economies of scale we offer you because of our focus. We can either help augment your existing CMS team at your office, or we can take over the entire department. Our Resource staff is housed here at our office and not at your office. You choose the number of resources you need and we provide them on a long-term contract basis.

No Need for Recruiting

There is no need for you to recruit, interview, and staff,we handle all that here for you and our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , you can relax knowing your website(s) will be maintained and up and running.

Hosting Flexibility

We can host your solution on either side of the firewall-yours or ours, so rest assured that we have every security aspect and company IT concerns covered. You provide us with a Project or Program Manager to work with our Project Manager,it is really that easy! Take the stress out of this aspect of your IT and Marketing solutions and allow us to handle them from our end.

Support and Consultation

We are here to give you support anytime- day or night. We have a 24/7 technical support team to ensure your applications are up-to-date and are running with nearly zero downtime, 99.9%. We are here to answer your questions over the phone, chat or in email or video conferencing. We enjoy brainstorming ideas and thoughts which will help each other grow, learn, and transform.

Unique Model

Since our focus in CMS is unique, our models are unique. The models are not rocket science or proprietary,just well thought out and tested. You are not our test bed, we have either implemented the requirement already or will test it before saying it will work.

Repeat Customers

Our customers are more than happy to sign multi-year contracts with us as they know the Resource Teams they pay for are being utilized. They also know we have highly skilled resources to help them tackle any task, problem or initiative. Our Content and SEO expertise coupled with our Cloud Management, database, and security skills make Web CMS World a valuable addition to your team.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are here to make our customers happy and successful. Anything less than that is not acceptable to us. That is our bottom line, our mission, and our values. Try us and see for yourself what a healthy outsourcing solution can mean to your business, your productivity and your bottom line.


Take a look at our Packages below and choose which one might be the best fit. We offer both Dedicated and Non-Dedicated Team Resources. In a Dedicated Team, all resources are dedicated to you and only you. In a Non-Dedicated Team, you share the resources with one or more companies, depending on the workload.

Annual Idea Tech Plan

IdeaPM & BA Resources
BI(Business Intelligence)BI Resources
ResearchResearch Resources
DesignDesign Resources
CodingCoding Resources
DB(Data Base)Database Resources
Alpha TestingTesting Resources
Beta TestingTesting Resources
PGC(Premium Generated Content)PGC Resources
UGC(User Generated Content)UGC Resources
SEO(Search Engine Optimization)SEO Resources
SEM(Search Engine Marketing)SEM Resources
Social MediaSocial Media Resources
AudioAudio Resources
VideoVideo Resources
SimulationSimulation Resources
GamificationGamification Resources
Cloud ManagementCloud Management Resources
Content ManagementContent Management Resources
MaintenanceMaintenance Resources

Comparision Table

ResourcesName of the plans
IdeaResearchDesignCoding ContentMarketingSocial MediaMultimediaContent ManagementMaintenance
Alpha Testing
Beta Testing
Social Media
Cloud Management
Content Management


We believe that respect and trust is very important for a quality relationship with our clients. We have constructed smart, efficient, and a value for money Services for our Clients. Have a look at what we are offering




DRD , Detailed Resource Document


Architectural Usability and Website Design


HTML Design

Protfolio Work 5


Protfolio Work 6



Our Processes are built based on transparency, collaboration, and perfectly suitable to the needs of our clients. We have come up with a very simple, yet a highly constructive process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are very happy to guide you. Please have a look at our FAQs to find answers for your questions.

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